2017 Raffle Quilt

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The Heritage Quilters' newest raffle quilt, "Threads of Friendship," features a nine-patch, Friendship Star pattern set in a ribbon variation. It features 64 blocks in cream and turkey red.

It is very old pattern, dating back to the 1700s. It often was used with signatures in the center, made for loved ones who were leaving or moving away.

Jan Knight, past president of the group, said a return to red and white seemed a strong choice.

"Our Garnets for Mrs. Lincoln continues to be a favorite," she said, "and this one should rank up there near the top of favorites, as well."

According The Quilting Community website, white conveys innocence  – clear and uncomplicated, reminding us of weddings and christenings. Red stands for strength and victory, romance and festive Christmas. The "Turkey red" was popular from about 1830 to 1930. Never made in the United States, it was imported from Turkey after a long, complicated manufacturing process. Its popularity remained because it did not fade. However, the color did wear of since only the outer shaft of the thread was dyed.  An age test of an old quilt with red in it is to look for high relief areas where the color is worn away, Jan said. That way you know Turkey red was used.

By the time synthetic dyes came along, the red fabrics were less expensive. Fashion allowed red and whites to slip from popularity, but a resurgence in the 1990s has not diminished today.

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