1860 Base Ball Game

  • Up to bat

2 p.m. June 11

The McHenry County "Independants" (an actual team of that era) will host the Lake County Athletics as part of a home-and-home series at Prairie Grove Village Hall Park,
 3125 Barreville Road.

Grayslake Heritage Center Executive Director Dave Oberg will umpire and emcee, explaining the rules and teaching the audience to cheer and jeer in proper 19th-century fashion. The 1858 rules for baseball, or "base ball" as it was called, differed radically from today's rules. Players did not use gloves. A ball caught on the first bounce was considered an out and a ball was considered fair or foul based solely on where it first touched the ground. Learn to cheer and jeer in proper 19th-century fashion. FREE.  The park is located at Ames and Barreville roads, east of Route 31 and north of Route 176. It features easy access and modern, flush washrooms.


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